Manufactured fromparticle board 18 mm thick, on both sides covered with veneer that is natural coating 0.6 mm thick with half-matt or high-gloss finish, with possibility of covering vertically, horizontally and also with ring passing upon the special request for an extra charge. They are diversified with colour, structure, shade and arrangement of rings in connection with natural properties of wood.

By default, veneered fronts are manufactured on the basis of raw particle board, covered on both sides and edges with a selected type of modified coating and varnished with base coat and half-matt or glossy clear topcoat varnish. All fronts are covered with coating modified vertically from the following species of wood: beech, oak, mahogany, alder, rosewood, zebrano, teak, mahogany, wenge and others. On request, it is possible to make horizontal grain. 

Wood in longitudinal and cross section has diversified colour and structure. Therefore, individual coloured and varnished components may differ with shade and arrangement of rings - these are natural properties of wood and modified coating.

tionally these fronts are covered with a layer of patina, this process increases aesthetic values of fronts in MDF technology; covering fronts with a layer of patina is performed manually. In dependence on the desired effect, dark or light shades are applied. In addition, fronts are secured with a layer of clear varnish.