These fronts are made of laminated on both sides MDF board 18-19 mm thick. MDF board is painted with coverage primer and then with 2 or 3 layers of varnish in dependence on the colour. The shade is selected from RAL, ICA, NCS colour palettes.

We produce fronts in all dimensions maintaining the following restrictions:

  1. Maximum 2615 mm x 2065 mm
  2. Minimum 70 mm x 50 mm

At fronts varnished in millings Mydło I, Mydło II hinges HETTICH must be applied, because shallower hinge holes are needed. When attaching varnished fronts, the Company does not guarantee compliance of colour shade, there can be differences, and it is at the Customer's risk.

Execution date

20 working days since the moment of accepting the order for production