We would like to present you main production processes conducted at MDF front production

  1. Cutting - front production process starts with cutting out a component (format) from MDF board. Thickness of the board from which the format is cut out is dependent on the pattern (milling) in which a given front is manufactured and on other technological conditions. Most frequently, the format is cut out from the board 16-18-19 mm thick from the sheet with dimensions of 2620 mm-2070 mm. Each component is cut out with allowance; the final dimension of the element is given during the milling process.
  2. Labelling - production label is applied on each componentafter being cut on the saw. On the label there is a bar code, unequivocally identifying the given component in the system, and also data on the order number and the Customer.
  3. Milling - milling of components is conducted most often in two phases. The first of them is treatment with a proper hobbing cutter around the edge of the component (giving the dimension), the second phase is milling on the surface that is giving a pattern.
  4. Cleaning - after milling of the component it is required to clean its surface of remnants of the dust remained in this processcarefully. Such cleaning is performed on a cleaning appliance.
  5. Glue application - component of the final shape and pattern is covered with a specialist glue and left to dry. During thermal process glue is a binder combining the component with foil.
  6. Foil pressing - components covered with glue are placed in groups on a so-called press shelf and then covered with a sheet of foil. Subsequently, press shelf enters the press where technological process of combining the foil with a component of MDF board starts. Component pressing is performed under vacuum in the temperature of 120-130 degrees of Celsius for 3-4 minutes
  7. Cutting out components - after leaving the press all components which are on the press shelf are combined with a foil sheet. Another step is separation of individual components and cutting off foil allowances remained after the pressing process.
  8. Cleaning the reverse - the last step of front production process is cleaning the reverse side of the component. The component is cleaned off glue remnants which may remain after the application process. Cleaning is performed mechanically by passing of the component through specially designed brushes.
  9. Packaging - the ready produced component is placed in a packet. Each order is packed separately. Individual components in the packet are separated with polyurethane foam and wrapped with stretch foil. Such packaging protects fronts against scratches during the transportation. Bulk label is applied on each packet. On the label there is also a list of components, which are inside the packet. Upon the request of a Customer, a packet may be additionally packed in a cardboard.