Dimensions of MDF fronts are given on the website or in the sales department. We produce fronts in all dimensions maintaining the following restrictions:

  1. Maximum  (height 2600 mm, width 1250 mm)
  2. Minimum  ()


Tolerance allowed of parameters of MDF front produced (pytaćKrzyśkabokażda firma ma inne).


All fronts of FRONTRES are veneered only with vertical rings (foils 80,81,82,85 are an exception), upon the special request we can produce horizontal rings free of charge, and the order must include such information. Fronts covered with horizontal rings are produced only up to the height of (ustalićniechzmierząstół). Due to technological conditions, indentations or arching of diameter of up to 2 mm and height of 0.3 mm in the number of 4 items are possible to occur in the area of a surface of 1 m2.


Board: MDF deep milling class E-1
Glue: Henkel- Dorus , heat resistance up to 95 º C
Decoration: PVC foil- Renolit ,Lumatech, Ag Dekor
Left side: laminate white

Execution date

10 working days